Choose Americaribe

A broad pool of expertise.

Working in a dynamic network

A worldwide career:

Americaribe is present in America, the Caribbean and Ghana. You will not only get the opportunity to work with people from different cultures, but also to advance your career on the international stage, gaining experience in the company’s offices around the world.


We value teamwork as well as personal initiative. By joining us, you will be working alongside a diverse group of professionals with different skills and experience, striving towards a shared goal. 

Training and expertise:

At Americaribe, you will learn to take a global view. You will also have the opportunity to learn new skills that will help you advance your career. We will encourage you to enhance your knowledge and expertise via our training programs, to enable you to reach your full professional potential.

Well-being at work:

Open-plan offices provide a pleasant working environment. Smaller offices are also available if required. Our offices are centrally located in vibrant neighborhoods.

Develop your skills

By choosing Americaribe, you will become part of a multinational, multitalented team of passionate professionals. You will have access to the human and material resources you need to fulfill your career ambitions. 

In our company, responsibility comes early. Our various activities are interlinked: operating methods, engineering, cost estimation, sales and support functions. We are thus able to offer genuine long-term career prospects. 

But by joining Americaribe you will become part of the Bouygues group. The opportunities for growth and professional mobility are therefore considerable. Mobility and internal promotion generate personal motivation and collective efficiency. This is a win-win approach, ensuring the professional development of employees as well as the company’s success.