The Hyatt Regency

The Hyatt Regency

Ekaterinbourg, Russie

Ice sculpture on the banks of the Iset

In winter, Ekaterinburg is transformed. Throughout the city are pagodas, space rockets, ephemeral statues of all sizes, elaborate high-reliefs, and translucent sculpted doors - an entire world of ice sculptures to amaze passers-by.

It is this tradition that inspired the design of the Hyatt Regency hotel built in 2009 by Bouygues Bâtiment International. Its huge ice-cube design echoes the curve of the lake reflected in its glass façade. In the centre of a future 12 hectare business district, it has 296 rooms, a ballroom for 800 people and the largest multi-purpose conference centre in the city. Served by the Trans-Siberian railway and the second-largest economic centre in Russia, the capital of the Urals is expanding rapidly. And nothing is too fine for this hotel: for example, the company used innovative decorative materials such as Corian®, which provides a particularly elegant surface finish.

Technical challenge

From -35°C in winter to +35°C in summer. Ekaterinburg has one of the largest temperature variations in Russia. To avoid the concrete freezing, heating elements were installed in the steel reinforcement to heat it from the inside. Still wet, it was covered to maintain a minimum temperature while drying, with warm air blown under the sheets.

Key data
  • Product line: Hotels
  • Main Contractor: Bouyguesstroï
  • Handover: 2009
  • Architect: Valode & Pistre
  • Client: ATRI
  • Key figures:
    • 21 storeys
    • 296 rooms
    • 2 restaurants
    • 3 bars
    • 1 fitness centre of 2,500 m²