A Look Into: Renovations of the Trinidad Hyatt Regency

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A Look Into: Renovations of the Trinidad Hyatt Regency

Innovating the aesthetics.


  In 2016, Bouygues Bâtiment Trinidad and Tobago tackled the project of renovating the Trinidad Hyatt Regency (22 floors, 428 guestrooms and Public Areas including a Conference Centre).  After signing off contracts, construction took place on July 28th, 2016, where the project team of Bouygues collaborated with Hyatt Regency, the owner uDecott, their project manager HRV Hotel Partners, and architect/designer George Wong Design.  
  Through this collaboration, GWD focused attention to the architecture, lighting, and general room layout of the planned renovation.  Bouygues, assisting with the renovation, allocated resources from multiple countries, including Portugal, France, Spain, Trinidad, and the United States.  The workforce on Bouygues’ end consisted of 130 workers, assigned with the removal of existing floors, coverings and fixtures as well as internal finishes of new wood/stone flooring, millwork, paint and many more. The Works were performed through Subcontracts and also Self Production including all demolition, MEP, some carpentries and FF&E installation.
  Construction phases were planned out for each section of the Hyatt to optimize the quality, and to accommodate the guest experience as the hotel never closed and had almost 100% occupancy during the full renovation.  Due to the occupied site for the guestrooms, 3 floors were renovated at a time. The public areas were being worked on simultaneously alongside the guestrooms.  The conference center was focused on first, then the lobby/restaurant section, the spa, and finally the ballroom regency. The phasing allowed the hotel to never close the restaurant, bars or spas by relocating them in different areas.
  The renovations not only consisted of modifying some already-existing fixtures and millworks, but also to create new, revamped designs that would modernize the aesthetic of Hyatt Regency.  This included creating new lighting fixtures, new flooring layouts for the guestrooms, and millwork.
  After an area-by-area renovation, the project was completed on April 25th, 2017, spanning a 9-month duration. To give a closer in-depth example of time frames, it took a recorded total of 21 days for each entire floor in the tower (23 guestrooms), while each room in the podium took about 13 days to finish.  In awe of the refined aesthetic, Americaribe is proud to showcase the finished result of the now-renovated Trinidad Hyatt Regency.

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