Kipchak mosque

Kipchak, Turkmenistan

At the muezzin's call

Turkmenistan sits at the gates to Central Asia, between sea and mountains. In the capital city of Ashgabat, four minarets surround the golden dome: this is the Kipchak mosque, open to worshippers since 2004. Blending the Ottoman style with Turkmen geometry, after winding past dunes, the building rises up at the foot of the Kopet-Dag mountain range.

Erected on marshland in a seismic area classed as 7 on the Richter Scale, it took three years to build and required all the technical know-how of Bouygues Turkmen. 


In Turkmenistan, Bouygues Turkmen has created its own concrete plant and workshops for joinery, paint, boiler works, electro-mechanics, etc. The company has been training local workers there for several years. More than 400 Turkmens have been trained in the fibrous plaster workshops.

Key data
  • Product line: Culture & Education
  • Entreprise: Bouygues Turkmen
  • Livraison: 2004
  • Architect: Robert Bellon
  • Client: Ministère de l’Intérieur Marocain
  • Key figures:
    • 4 minarets, 91m high
    • Dome, 50m diameter
    • 10m-high metal arches of 20m