Profile - Americaribe

 Expertise and versatility for a tailor-made product

Addressing the needs, requirements and usages of today's buildings

Americaribe is a general contractor with offices based in Miami, Florida. We have operated on the American and Caribbean construction market since 2002, delivering large-scale projects. These have included the Waterfront Hotel in Trinidad & Tobago and the Brickell CityCenter project in Miami. 
We have forged our reputation on the delivery of solid, bold and prestigious buildings. Our experience is our strength, our achievements are our pride. Over the years, we have built up a wealth of expertise, based on technical and commercial innovation, cutting-edge engineering skills and know-how in the development of housing (social, private, collective), functional structures (offices, hospitals, education) and commercial areas. Our service package covers the whole process, from design right through to the construction, maintenance and development of all types of buildings, either for the public sector or for private investors.
As a member of the Bouygues Group, we are supported by a network of international contacts and expertise. This international network represents a unique pool of business relationships linking together contractors around the world. It provides a platform for a global approach, bringing together extraordinary teams of experts who contribute to the success of our projects. The partnership approach underpins everything the company does, enabling it to exploit opportunities to the full, meet complex challenges and optimize construction quality. 

A pioneering spirit

Americaribe uses this international network as a springboard to new opportunities, such as the Ridge Hospital project in 2012.
This project, in Accra, Ghana, came about when the American bank funding the hospital, Exim, began seeking a local company to export the goods and services required overseas.

Americaribe seized the opportunity and created the subsidiary Americaribe Ghana Ltd at the end of 2012.