Zero compromise on respecting our commitments to clients and staff.

Requirements and setting examples

At Americaribe, requirements where Quality-Safety-Environment is concerned are not a passing fashion. They represent a deep conviction and a major path for development: today, QSE is a vital lever for success. Our ambition is to design, build and operate sustainable projects, with high environmental quality, be attentive to stakeholders and respect our corporate social responsibility and commitments. 

For these reasons, we are committed to:
  • guaranteeing health and safety for all those involved in carrying out our projects via an ambitious risk-prevention approach;
  • seeing constantly that our ethical principles are respected and that transparency is seamless where our clients are concerned;
  • designing projects where environmental impact is controlled which limit recourse to natural resources and reduce our carbon footprint;
  • implementing all means required to continue to make headway, as witness our management system with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 triple certification.
  • enhancing constantly the quality of our products and services, as well as the efficacy of our organization, so as to always improve the way in which we serve our clients.

A few examples

The Green Act approach. Its aim is to evaluate, label and enhance our sites as well as our site offices to optimize environmental friendliness.
The Control Committee. Because construction is our business core, a committee bringing together our main Site Managers has been set up to continue to enhance the quality of the way we carry things out.
The Safety Act. Universal safety standards have been drawn up using an internal benchmark, the Safety Act, which guarantees maximum safety for all our staff throughout the world when they are carrying out their jobs.

Committed to Safety

In September 2012, Bouygues Batiment International launched an unprecedented, wide-ranging Safety Campaign. Everywhere from construction sites to head office, all 20,000 staff were mobilised in a large scale awareness-raising campaign. Production came to a halt across all our worksites to make way for risk-presentation workshops, workgroups, testimonies, special safety visits for various worksites, contests and closing meetings in the presence of clients, ambassadors and journalists.

Our commitment to employee safety represents the cornerstone of everything we do, everywhere and at all times. It is a moral duty, an absolute necessity. Our conscience and reputation are at stake. Alongside these exemplary measures, we implement concrete initiatives designed to improve the living and working conditions of our local employees: quality standards for our compounds for expatriate production personnel, prevention and safety campaigns, etc. Our absolute aim is, and will always be, zero accidents.