'Ribe Spotlight: Interviewing Yuri Naumov

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'Ribe Spotlight: Interviewing Yuri Naumov

Business Development vs The market in California.


   Introducing a new series known as ‘Ribe Spotlight!  ‘Ribe Spotlight will consist of interviewing members of Americaribe, providing a more in-depth look on our community, our business methodology, and many more.  This will, fingers crossed, be the start to a series of many monthly interviews expected in the future. 
   For this interview, we introduce Yuri Naumov, a part of the Americaribe Business Development team residing in California.  Yuri was born and raised in Barcelona, coming from a very international and diverse family, having ethnic backgrounds of Russian& French descent among many others.  Majority of his family still reside in Barcelona, including his sister who is a professional Track & Field athlete that may be heading to the Olympics in Tokyo!  Meanwhile, his wife currently does work in Mexico, but will move soon to California.  Being multilingual at a very young age gave Yuri the opportunity to pursue his passion of traveling and living abroad.  As of today, he speaks Catalan, Spanish, English, French and Russian.  He studied International Business and Marketing between Barcelona, France and Belgium.  In this interview, Yuri talks about his position, the California life, and the challenges with the market in California.

What work were you doing before that led to your work with Americaribe? 
For the past 4 years I worked in the international business development and government affairs department of a UK based company responsible of creating new business opportunities, establishing high level relationships with government officials and big corporations. My position was based abroad, changing the country every 4 months in average. I had the opportunity to live and work in Asia, Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Caribbean. Last year I arrived in California in order to pursue a Master’s Degree at the University of California in San Diego and had the opportunity to join Americaribe in June 2017 as part of the Master’s training program.
What is your current position at Americaribe?  What tasks does that consist of generally?
As part of the Business Development team, I spent most of my time sourcing for information on new projects, contacting potential clients both in the public and private sector and developing relationships with prospects and our local partners. Brainstorming, thinking and setting up commercial strategies is also part of my day to day. Together with the entire team of business development, we try to improve on presentations and the way we introduce our services to our clients, always looking forward to providing the best added values, experience and human capital Americaribe has.
Other activities include the preparation of proposals and bid tenders, working together with the preconstruction team in order to deliver to our clients the most competitive and innovative offers.
So, being a part of a company that’s centered around Construction, would you say your Business Development tasks is about the same processes you’re used to doing in past jobs, or is it a bit of a learning curve to go through?  Personally, I’m unaware yet curious if Business Development has to take the construction strategies/terminology into consideration or if it doesn’t really interfere with tasks.
Every business has its own characteristics and details to be learned in order to perform a good sales performance. However, in my opinion business development is more about soft skills such as PR, organization, market research, cold calling, basically to do and understand anything you need to…reach out to those, sometimes almost impossible, people by creating the need and attractiveness towards your product. 
Construction is particularly difficult since technical details are important. At the same time, construction projects involve huge amounts of money and investment, this makes the sales cycle longer and more challenging than other industries.
Briefly steering away from work, what do you do outside of work?  Whether it’s hobbies or daily activities, I could imagine there’s a lot of fun to experience in California.
California is an amazing state with many things to do. Summer is fun to spend time going to the beach, surfing or running through the shore. There are many spots along the coast, and all are different since it is a very rocky coast. I do a lot of hiking, since trails and natural parks here are just amazing and abundant. Whether close to the coast or more in the interior, California has amazing excursions. The contrast of landscapes is impressive too. Winter you can be skiing only 2 or 3 hours away from the ocean. Road trip along the PCH 1 (Pacific Highway One) is mandatory. I only had the chance to do from San Diego to Santa Barbara, but I will try to do soon all the way to San Francisco.
Proximity to Mexico is always a good point. Crossing the border to Tijuana is an experience, and once there travel to any part of the country is cheap and easy.
What is the market in California like?  Could you contrast it from any other experiences you’ve had in different locations or would you say it’s all about the same?
There are a lot of opportunities for our business here, and projects are booming. Competition is very strong though, and we should look for key and specific projects where Americaribe can bring the best added values. We are working on it very hard, confident that very soon we will start our operations here.
Competition is hard, since large local construction companies have been building here for decades, even some for a century! Penetrating a new market, with a new brand is always difficult and challenging, but we are extremely motivated with this challenge. The added values and experiences we as Americaribe bring to the market are almost unique.
Whether finished or unfinished, do you have a personal favorite project of Americaribe so far?
Fav[orite] project... I would say Surfside. The design and the views that those condos will have are simply amazing. BCC is definitely [an]other of my favorites.
Is there any kind of advice that you always remind yourself when moving forward in work or in life?
Always keep your ears open and mind ready to learn. Talk to everybody, you never know where the next door will open for you. Persistence and motivation are key for success.
Many thanks to Yuri Naumov for taking the time to contribute towards this detailed interview.  We hope you enjoyed it!

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