People and their future: high stakes for Americaribe.

Giving life to your projects

For many years, our businesses have been undergoing profound change. Sustainable development, along with new expectations that have emerged in terms of sustainable construction, has led to a radical transformation, calling for us to deliver new answers to our customers and to all our stakeholders. We now consider corporate, social, environmental, technical and economic challenges in a global fashion,

placing at the heart of our concerns not only the expectations of our customers, but also those of the users of our buildings and structures, local residents and our fellow citizens. Our positioning as a global player in construction and services gives complete credibility to our determination and deliver this strategic ambition.

Our conviction?

Customer's expectations are central to our activities. But it is our firm belief that the needs of our buildings, local residents and the surrounding community should all be given equal consideration.

The new stance that we are taking is expressed through our new corporate slogan, which conveys the strategic ambition we have fixed for ourselves: “Shaping a Better life”. A life that is more pleasant, more harmonious, more considerate, with a focus on the well-being of all.

We operate within a framework of guiding principles:

  • Respect for the environment
  • The promotion of diversity in all its forms
  • The acceptance of differences
  • The importance of training


Our assets?

Americaribe acts on behalf of local people to implement innovative solutions designed to improve their quality of life. Our commitment to sustainable design is well known by our customers and design partners, and we are proud that our project teams around the world consistently receive awards for ethical and responsible construction practices.

Since 2007, we have carried out 175 projects with a certification objective. In 2012, more than 55% of our orders were delivered with environmental certification.

Eco-design techniques, in particular, enable us to propose the most effective solutions in both environmental and economic terms throughout a structure’s life-cycle. This approach is gradually broadening out to the scale of the neighbourhood or the city. From design to operation, we are increasingly committed to achieving performance targets agreed upon with our customers and partners.


Our strenght?

Americaribe combines the strength of an established global Group with the on-the-ground knowledge of a local company. This enables it to put together a service package covering everything from design through to the construction, maintenance and development of all types of buildings.

Increasingly, Americaribe channels its expertise into high added-value projects and global contracts (public-private partnerships or concessions). With more than one hundred PPP or concessions projects to its credit worldwide, Bouygues Construction teams have acquired a strong expertise in developing long term whole-life cost projections and optimisation.

Thanks to these successful achievements, Bouygues Construction and its subsidiary Americaribe are able to deliver such high-end buildings to tight deadlines. We thrive on challenges since they provide a platform for improvement.