Subsidiaries Network

 Performance and proximity: the foundations of success.

Americaribe, legitimacy of the heritage

Bouygues Batiment International has established a solid network of equity and debt providers keen to invest in development projects spearheaded by Americaribe. Thanks to the support provided by its exclusive and extensive network of business partnerships, the Americaribe team successfully delivers unique, high-end projects. 

Americaribe is able to draw on the technical expertise and material resources of the Bouygues Group as a whole. The Group has a pool of technical experts across the world at its various subsidiaries (high-end service-providers covering the entire construction sector). Inter-subsidiary relations are crucial since they represent a huge pool of knowledge, expertise and contacts. 

Every project is different but the expertise remains the same. There is core value of excellence and Americaribe does everything possible to implement it.

There is a reliability of performance; Americaribe seeks solutions to complex challenges in difficult environments. 

Bouygues Batiment International operates around the globe, mobilizing its on-site teams of experienced and knowledgeable builders and interacting with the project team throughout the process.

For example, for the Ridge Hospital project, Exim Bank is providing the funding but only wants to use materials and equipment from America. These products will be shipped from the United States to Ghana. It is the role of the procurement manager to find the best products, meeting the requirements of the financial institution and the customer’s expectations.

Our procurement network

The process is simple. During the preconstruction phase, Americaribe identifies “long lead-time” material and equipment purchases, working closely with the project manager and his team to develop a procurement strategy. 

The project manager provides the procurement manager with the required purchase inventory. His role then is to find innovative and cost-effective products and materials matching the customer’s requirements. The procurement manager seeks to optimize the price-quality relationship vis-à-vis the subcontractors and suppliers identified to deliver what is often a privately-funded project. 

The Bouygues Group has procurement centers in various parts of the world: in China, Europe, the Middle East and South America. These procurement centers make it possible to centralize purchases and have a global purchasing policy. The Group offers power and guarantees to customers and subcontractors but the company provides local tools and greater proximity. Americaribe operates within the framework of the globalized purchasing policy but has local structures from which it can develop and provide its skills, with an emphasis on using local staff.